Geran Knol
      (b. 1991 — The Netherlands)
      Living and working in
      Antwerp, Belgium.

Represented by L21 Gallery

co-owner of Park Pardon

    Exhibitions (selection)

                 July 12 — 16, 2023
CAN Ibiza w/ L21 Gallery

                     Entre Cajas
                 group-show, L21 HOME
Palma, Spain

                Walk in Progress
L21 Gallery Barcelona

                 Search Party
                 group-show, curated by Ben Edmunds
Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Ghent, Belgium 
                  L21 Broadcasting From Paris
JPS Gallery, Paris, France

Drawing Zines

                       Drawing Centre Diepenheim, the Netherlands


                    Art Antwerp w/ L21 Gallery
                    We Are Still On The Road, group-show
                    Antwerp, Belgium

                     Lucky Charms
                     group-show, Ballroom Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 

                     Eating Vegan Sandwiches in the Train While
                     Listening Country Music
                      group-show, L21 Gallery,  Palma, Spain

                     Daily Rhythms
                     solo-exhibition, L21 Gallery via Vortic, Palma, Spain

                      ARCOmadrid w/ L21 Gallery
                      Madrid, Spain

                      With a Silent Drum
                      solo-exhibition, L21 Gallery, Palma, Spain
                      Fake Wave
                      group-show, DIY Art Shop, London, United Kingdom

                      Plaatjes & Praatjes
                      group-show, Willem II Fabriek, Den Bosch, the             Netherlands

                      group-show, MENT, Ljubljana, Slovenia

                      Unclear Clarity
                      group-show, ABC Klubhuis, Antwerp, Belgium

                      Double Bubble
                      group-show, Inuit, Bologna, Italy

                       group-show, Direktorenhaus, Berlin, Germany

    Publications (selection)

    2020            Met Stille Trom, zine, published by Nieves

    2017             Pillars and People, zine, self-published
                         Een Afzonderlijke Samenkomst, zine, published by Extrapool ︎

    2016             Another Day Well Spent, zine, self-published

    2015             A Guide to the Considered Cabinet of Deliberate
                        Thoughts, zine, self-published ︎
                        The Dog Trainer, zine, self-published ︎

    2014             An Entrance to Mention; the Park Pardon Principles,
                         book, published by Afreux ︎
                         Winterslaap, zine, self-published ︎
                         Reversed Archeology, zine, published by Look Back And Laugh

    2013            Head Full, House Empty, zine, self-published

︎ Park Pardon  


                          MA St. Lucas University of Arts, Antwerp, BE

                          BA ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Zwolle, NL


   2022             Vogelvlucht

    2020             It’s Nice That

    2017              This Surrounding Us All

    2015              Metal Magazine